We have recently acquired and “ put through its paces” an Iron Dome pizza oven. For many years we have tried to make pizza at home in our conventional oven with varying results. The bottom would burn, and the top would be soggy, or the top would burn, and the bottom would be doughy. Mike has solved the problem with the Iron Dome. Over the past two weeks we tried the Iron Dome on an electric stove top, a natural gas burner on a residential range, and on twin propane outdoor burner. With a small learning curve, we were able to make pizzeria quality pizza on all three setups. The beauty of the iron dome is the speed at which it heats and cooks the pizza.  We were able to go from fridge to finished plate in about 15 minutes, which is comparable to any frozen product. The quality of the finished product was where the iron dome really shines. We were amazed at the consistency of the crust and there is something about high temp/short cook time the really brings out the pizzeria quality in the finished product. Thanks, Mike, for creating a solution where a need definitely existed.

– – Chris

I bet we use the Iron Dome 3-4 times a week, lunch dinner, whatever, we haven’t been to our favorite pizza place in months and
we can cook fresh pizza faster than I could heat up a DiGiorno’s pizza!

– – Vicky

Thanks again for the amazing pizzas! The blue cheese barbecue pizza was tangy and sweet, and the “Greek” style pizza with spinach and mushrooms was juicy and flavorful. Just delicious… Donna’s first words were “OMG!” And the crust! Perfectly cooked–crisp on the outside, light and puffy throughout. And we loved how the toppings held their own with the crust,  like it just came out of a wood-fired brick oven. We don’t know how that little dome does it!

– – Mark E


This is the ONLY at-home pizza cooker I’ve found that can make pizzas comparable to those from a Neopolitan pizzeria! I just love how you control the temperature from above and below independently, so that the pizza can be fine-tuned exactly how you like it! I imagine the uses of this little dome will extend well beyond the pizza pie!

– – CJ

I have owned my Iron Dome Pizza Oven for over four months, and I love it!  It’s fun to use and it produces restaurant quality Neapolitan pizza fast!  Choose your own fresh ingredients, slice them up, roll out your pizza dough, and make your pizza while the dome and pizza griddle heats-up.  It’s generally cooks for only THREE minutes!  Fresh pizza dough is available at grocery stores.   Also, this pizza maker is indestructible; my pizza stone cracked after several years, and it was a pain to clean.  Not Iron Dome!  Again, it’s fun to use and I love the variety of pizza you now can have at home.  Now Pizza Night is more of an event than a routine.

– – Bill S